Clean Start®

A REVOLUTIONARY PRINTHEAD CLEANER built right into your bar code ribbon.

A clean printhead prevents costly problems.

Did you know that your thermal transfer printer OEM recommends regular preventative maintenance as a way to protect against premature printhead failure and poor print quality? Unfortunately, lessthan 20% of printer owners actually follow this advice —even though the printhead is their most expensive consumable and causes the most print-related problems.

Avoid downtime and save money too.

When you use Clean Start, you can also avoid unnecessary downtime and disruptions caused by premature printhead failures. The result is less money spent replacing costly printheads.

Clean Start®makes printhead maintenance hassle-free.

Clean Start® is an innovative, patented printhead cleaner that’s built right into the ribbon. It removes debris before it builds up on the printhead. All it takes is 6 seconds and 2 easy steps.

Step 2. Pull CleanStart

Step 1. Lock Printhead

Simply pull it through the locked printhead at the start of each new ribbon. The result is consistently sharp bar code and text print quality throughout your entire label run.

Why Clean Start®? To start, it’s FREE .

The Clean Start feature is available at no extra cost

Built right into your thermal transfer ribbons

Fast and easy to use

Safe to use with every ribbon

Optimizes print quality throughout your print run

Prolongs printhead life

Minimizes costly


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